A brief history -: Fraserburgh has always had some form of a skate club/gang/posse dating back from the 70’s when the original pioneers pulled together to form one of the first skate bowls in Scotland at the back Maconnichie place. Since then there have always been skaters in the town, then to follow was the birth of Bmxing in the early 80’s.Just as that had been established the skate bowl was gone, and along came a new wave of skating, Street skating. From the late 80’s right through to 2002 the local skate crew skated the streets, by using their imagination and building various underground ramps here and there. Around 2000 the skaters pulled together again in a bid to build another skate facility, thus creating the park we have now at the old tennis courts in 2002. Due to time restraints and budget the park has a poor inadequate surface this has deteriorated over time . With its popularity and hazardous surface the skaters have once again pulled together to create a masterpiece skatepark.

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