Committee AGM 2019

The Broch Skate club committee was founded in Fraserburgh and achieved charitable status in December 2011. The group started as a gathering of keen and like-minded members of the public who were desperate to breathe some new life in to the existing skate park facilities in the local town. The club have worked hard to fundraise and gather as much support from the local community as possible but other life commitments such as work obligations and personal matters saw a dwindle in the number of people turning up to the club meetings. As such, the group hasn’t been particularly active in the community in recent years.

Until now.

2018 has seen the revival of new and enthused interest within the local community and a want to revitalise and regenerate our beloved interest in the sport. Whether you’re into BMXing, skateboarding or Rollerblading it’s become apparent that there is a great demand for a better skate park than the one we currently have and that’s exactly what we aim to deliver.

Our new committee openly seek the support of the public so that ultimately, we are able to build a brand new concrete skate park. This will replace the current one in the town. With your help, we can ensure that the future generation have the right means to continue enjoying and practising in the aforementioned sports.

Stay tuned to our home page for more updates as they become available.

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