Future Park Project

This is the part where all you loons and quines get to have your say. We would like everybody to help us design the best park possible for Fraserburgh. We have below a list of function/requirements the park must meet for it to be worthy of use. If you feel we have missed anything or have something you’d like to add yourself please leave your comments below.

As you can see the functions of the park listed above are all pretty basic requirements.  The park needs to be for everybody from beginners to experts, must be for accessible for BMXers, Skateboarders and Rollerbladers alike, have a good flow of lines and manage crowds well. The park must also fit into the surrounding environment, be vandal proof and be of relatively low maintenance.

One of the functions that has been overlooked with the existing Skate Park is the inadequate surface leading to poor drainage. Due of the lack of drainage and the uneven surface the park often lies unused for days at a time due to large puddles in the main areas of the park. We have listed above two functions which would eliminate this problem, Good Surface/Finish and Drainage/Inclined.

In order to create a park for everyone we would like you all to download the park plan layout, by right clicking here and selecting save target. Then draw the park you wish onto the existing space and surrounding area and submit them to us either by email or in person at one of the Broch Skate Club meetings.

For those that are feeling adventurous and up for a challenge you can try to produce your own 3D park using Google Sketchup, which is available to download for free here. There are some great tutorials available on Youtube which will help you get started with Google Sketchup.

Remember think out of the box try to make it unique , you can incorporate the grass bank and path area if you like. Try and blend it into the surroundings, as one of the functions is to be aesthetically pleasing. Have fun we look forward to seeing you dream parks for Fraserburgh

5 Responses to Future Park Project

  1. Iain Walker says:

    Before getting carried away with designs, it’s probably worth someone finding out just how much it would cost to lay a proper surface down, with good drainage. The design of the park, while not perfect, isn’t the real issue. The park has never drained properly, and it is this that is the important issue, especially in winter.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Iain,

      This has been researched over the past month or two and we have been quoted a price by the company we want to build the park.


    • harrison says:

      Hi Iain

      Thanks for checking out the web site, and posting a valid comment, much appreciated. After having done some research we feel it would be best to build a new park because for the time, effort and money required to dig up and lay hardcore around the existing ramps, would almost be as great as creating a new park. We also think we will only get one chance at improving the park so we would like to make as big an improvment as posible.

      Thanks on behalf of the Broch Skate Club

  2. mark says:

    so fan exactly wid the all the money be raised

    • brochskateclub says:

      Hi Mark

      This is a good question, however it is one we cant answer at present. Judging by other local skate parks that have been build in the area it has taken them from 8-12 years, however we wish to try and achieve this in a shorter period of time.


      Broch Skate Club

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