Skating within Fraserburgh and district has thrived in recent years amongst other alternative sports such as surfing, snowboarding, BMX riding and in-line skating providing a positive channel for development through adolescence (both fitness and personal) for many. These chosen pastimes provide a substantial energy outlet for people of all ages as well as a good social circle which has resulted in the creation of the Broch Skate Club as they are known today


Kevin Cowie carving up the snake run late 1970's at the Fraserburgh Skate Bowl

Despite the growing numbers of late Broch skateboarding had its early roots established back in the 1970s. It is a little known fact for a few short years between 1978 and 1986 Fraserburgh, along with Kelvingrove and Livingstone had one of the only concrete skate parks in Scotland. This fantastic facility ushered in a golden era of skateboarding in the town, placing Fraserburgh on the “skate radar”, fostering much of the surfing talent the area is famed for and inspiring many more to take up the sport.

Unfortunately, the demolition of the original skate bowl left Fraserburgh skaters without a purpose built facility, which saw skaters take to the streets or give up the sport completely.

Chris Harrison Fraserburgh bus station early 90s. Suicidal over the loss of the original skate bowl

A hardcore few continued to improvise with backyard ramps and makeshift skate parks. Some of these included the gas works ditch ramp, a mini ramp at Broadsea, micro-mini in a garage at Maconochie Place, a make-shift skate park on Kessock Road sewage works and a mini ramp in a barn near Mormond Hill.   Whilst Fraserburgh lost out other towns such as Livingstone built upon their skate heritage, expanding their thriving facilities, attracting skaters from far and wide and playing host to national and international events.

Seth Kirk Fraserburgh Skatepark 2005

After many years without a facility and much to the delight of the local skaters, in-line and BMXers a new purpose built skate park was constructed around 2002, at the site of the old tennis courts. This skate park is well utilised, but budget constraints at the time of build led to an inadequate tarmac surface being laid which has unfortunately deteriorated over time and is now uneven, poorly drained and hazardous to users. Research has shown that underused, substandard facilities often become a target for vandalism and anti social behaviour where the facility isn’t used for its intended purpose, this being evident at Fraserburghs current skate park. The flip side being properly designed facilities are used for their original function as well as being better respected and maintained by those who use it (an example of this may be the all weather pitch situated at the bottom of the Fraserburgh Links).

With such deterioration of the current facility, and with significant demand from the local skate, in-line and BMX riders, the skate park users feel Fraserburgh once again has the opportunity to create a nationally recognised skate facility, the successful development of which will help to further position the town as a prime venue for extreme sports.

Fraserburgh is already recognised as a prime location for surf and wind sports and has been successful in attracting significant national surfing and kite surfing competitions. The creation of a new skate park will further cement Fraserburgh’s growing reputation as a premier extreme sports location, attracting further events, bolstering tourism and enhancing the image of the town. A new facility will also help create a positive recreational outlet for Fraserburgh youth. To realise this vision the local skate/BMX community have formally created an organisation called the “Broch Skate Club” as a vehicle to raise awareness of the need for a new facility, campaign for its development and to seek funding.

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  1. darren walton says:

    allo chris how you doing mate,al see you on the prospect rstb

    • brochskateclub says:

      Aye aye bud sorry for the late reply cool to here from you hope you have had a good time home.

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