*What is the Broch Skate Club?

The Broch Skate Club is a local, not-for-profit, registered charitable organisation that is run by volunteers. Our charity number is SC042810.

*When was it formed?

The Broch Skate Club was initially formed in 2010, achieved charitable status in 2011 and was re-vamped in 2018. The current line-up of volunteers have worked exceptionally hard to bring the club back to life and give the group a positive reputation.

*Where are you based?

The Broch Skate Club is predominately based in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland UK.

*What is your purpose/main aim?

The Broch Skate Club’s main purpose is to help promote and preserve wheeled sports in and around the local area. We’re currently fundraising to build a brand new, fit for purpose, state of the art skate park in the local town.

*How do I become a member?

Membership is free and open to anyone over the age of 10 years old. More details on how you become a member and what membership entails will be explained at a local meeting. Keep an eye on the web page and social media page for details of all upcoming public meetings. 

*Can I volunteer?

Yes, volunteering is greatly appreciated. We usually advertise when we require assistance or help at upcoming events. More information can be found by attending a local meeting, emailing us or simply checking the web page and social media pages.

*How do I donate?

We currently have a ‘gofundme’ page where you can make a donation direct to the bank account. We also accept cheques made payable to ‘Broch Skate Club’, PayPal donations via ‘brochskateclub@paypal.com’ and payments in to our bank account via BACS transfer using the following details:

Account Name:


Sort Code: 800686

Account Number: 06006120


*What is the money used for?

Any money currently raised is being used towards the total rebuild of a brand new skate park for the local town of Fraserburgh.

*Why do you need to keep fundraising?

We have an annual fee for the lease of the ground the skate park is situated on, we have an annual public liability insurance fee to pay and general maintenance fees. So even after the new park is completed, we will regularly need to fundraise to satisfy these costs. We also want to give back to the local community so monies raised after the park is built will be donated towards other local causes and fun day events that the whole family can enjoy. 

*Can you help other local organisations?

Yes. We would love to help with other local organisations or events that you think our club may be able to assist with. Please get in touch with one of our members or contact us direct with any booking enquiries.  

*How do I get in contact?

You can contact us by emailing: 

info@brochskateclub.com for general enquiries.

anneka@brochskateclub.com to speak to our Chair person.


By phone:

0777986345 to speak to our Chair person.


By writing to us: 

74 Gallowhill Road



AB43 9JU


Or simply by direct messaging us on our FB page or Instagram account.