Letters of Support/Endorsement – Can you help?

Hey everyone!

We had a really great meeting last night and the positivity just keeps on coming!

We’re making some really strong headway with our project and I want to thank you all for the continued support. We’ve a tonne of news headed your way but we want to start with something else this morning…

We are looking for a little extra help!

We’re looking for some letters of support from those who are willing to endorse our project. This will help us in potentially securing the final funds required to commence building.

If you’re a local business or in a position that could help convince others about the benefits of our project, We’d love to hear from you.

(Particularly if you fall in to one of the following categories: teachers/doctors/social workers/councillors and council employees/solicitors/accountants/local MP’s/fitness or wellbeing instructors/police or fire staff and local business owners)

If you could provide us with a letter detailing the following…

– A headed letter.

– State your position/job role within the community.

– State your support for our project and note why you think a new skate park is a good idea.

– Examples of this:

*You can outline the physical and mental health benefits as part of an active lifestyle, encouraging youth to socialise, the fact it’s a free facility and will be inclusive for everyone. The tourism it will attract to the local area and even the money it will generate to the local economy when families come to stay or visit the facility.

– Please make the letter out to the following address:


74 gallowhill road



Ab43 9ju

Or if you prefer email to: anneka@brochskateclub.com

Thank you!




About anneka

Chair of Broch Skate Club
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