Happy New Year!

We at the Broch Skate club would like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The new year starts off with good news for the Broch Skate Club, the
computer renders of the park have now been done, they look amazing.
Many of you may have been wondering whats been happening,
unfortunately things have been slow. Still work has been getting done
behind the scenes, we at the Broch Skate Club will not give up.
As we have found out trying to get a good park builder that is not
busy is impossible for obvious reasons, if they are good they will be
We found one that fits this bill, earlier in 2014 a representative
from Wheelscape came up to Fraserburgh to look at the site of our
current skate park.
The representative wanted to get a lay of the land before setting
about making a design for us.
Wheelscape have been really busy, as they are in high demand due to
the quality of the parks they build, this has slowed the process down
a little.
Over the course of 2014 designs and ideas was passed back and forth
between us, incorporating as much of the needs of all who
currently use the park.
The designers have done a fantastic job, and managed to incorporate
almost everything into the park that we had discussed at our design
Its been a slow process getting to this stage with a lot of ground
work now been done, we would be looking to pick up the pace of the
project for 2015.
There will be a meeting on the 19th of January 7pm at Fraserburgh
Leisure Center, we will discuss the park designs and the direction we
need to move forward.
Things on the agenda of the meeting will be:- The new park plans, is
everyone happy with them? Any changes needed to be made?
Quiznight/ fundraiser, lotto funding + other funding avenues, date for
AGM & OSCR charitable status
We will be looking for a big turn out for our first meeting of the
year to get the project off to a good start.
The meeting will start off for you guys & girls to show your support
by having your say with what like about the new parks designs or even
don’t like about it.

Thanks for reading see you soon.

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