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Since the start of the year we have been in talks with Wheelscape about the design of the new park. In March of this year, Jeremy (Wheelscapes Architect) came up to Fraserburgh to get a look at the current park and get a feel for the area and its surroundings. Chris Harrison discussed with Jeremy that the group held a meeting a few years ago with regards to the design of the park, Chris showed Jeremy the designs that were drawn up by the park users and Jeremy has tried to incorporate as much of these features that were suggested at the Design Meeting.

Our first thoughts were to extend the bank at the right hand side of the park to allow use of the handrail from both sides, the manual pad to have the grass/sand pit removed in order to minimise sand or dirt being brought into the park and also to add a wallie pole at the top of the bank next to the euro gap. It has also been suggested that mellow moguls be incorporated into the far left hand side of the park on the sloped run in.

The next stage will be for Jeremy to produce a Computer Generated 3d Render of the park. We would apprectaite any suggestions/feedback on this design before we go to Jeremy and ask for the final 3D render of the new park.


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  1. . says:

    I really like the design of the park and look forward to it being built there is just a few things I think maybe would suit the park better would be to get rid of the grass gap as it would likely get set fire too or something burned on it and the kicker ledge thing could maybe be some sort of pump bump type thing so you can maintain getting speed to the big quarter pipe at the back instead of having to push. Also the rail and ledge thing could possibly be swapped about in positions. There is more of chance of really hurting your self with the rail as there is a drop and a hubba would cause less of a risk, also you can only use the rail going one stance and with it being in the middle you can optimize the full use of the rail. The euro gap i think looks quite pointless and instead we could use a double sided polejam or waille type thing. This is just a after thought, would the park flow better if it was swapped head to tail, you could get full use of the space where the railing is and create some sort of transition/bowled corner type thing to keep the flow going and there still wiill be space for the court openings to use

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