War of the thistles 2011 May 1st

Happy punters, first thing Sunday morning!

We set off at 11am from Fraserburgh Community Center – here’s a few of the bleery eyed punters who made it, all in high spirits for the day ahead

The lads look on with anticpiation of what they are about to witness

We arrived at the park – and headed straight to the cafe for assorted refreshments and a view of the park!

Stu Graham Frontside Grind





Stu Graham warming up and putting on a wee show for the brochers!

Harrison Slappy Grind

Harrison cruising the bowl getting a sneaky run in before the big crowds hit the bowl

Joe FS Smith Grind

Kung-Fu Joe – Hai Karate Smith Grind

Luke Wheeler FS Air

Photo of the day for the local lads – Luke Wheeler impresses all with  an FS air!

Stu Graham FS Boneless


Gnarl dog old school entry to the pool.

As the day progressed on the big names started laying down hammers, for each impressive move landed cash was handed out courtesy of Skateboard Scotland

Youngo FS Smith Grind


Ian Young attacks the lip!

Stu Graham oververt




Stu Graham – Livi Local went big all day

Andy Scott FS Handplant


Andy Scott – One of the highlights of the day!

A great day was had by all who attended, we would like to thank Transition Extreme for providing us with free transport to and from the event and a big thanks to Skateboard Scotland for making it possible and pulling in all those big sponsors which included Monster who provided free drinks all day!

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