Broch Skate Club Quiz Night Friday 20th May 2011

The Broch Skate Club would like to give a big thank you to every one involved with our quiz night held on Friday the 20th of May. The night got off to a late start due to the amount of people turning up, thanks to every one who made the effort. The hall filled to maximum capacity the quiz commenced, with Norman Cameron as Quiz Master and his son Norman marking the scores. Thank you for your time and effort with your questions and marking of the scores. The quiz stopped for a short interlude for refreshments,

Quiz Night

thanks to every one who supplied food. Then as the final scores were being marked the raffles were being drawn, this took sometime due to the sheer amount of raffles donated. The Broch Skate Club would like to say a big thank you to all who donated to the raffle and every one who bought raffles,and a special thanks to all the local businesses who donated prizes for raffles. Thanks to the RAFA club for the use of there hall, with a thanks to the winners Team Of Three who donated the prize back into the fund.  Just over £705 was raised. This will go towards a core sample ground investigation to see what is needed to build upon the land of the currant skate park, as its believed the ground is to be in subsidence.

Joes Handywork - A Taste Of Things To Come


At present Broch Skate Club has begun to rejuvenate the park with artistic designs to uplift the area, along with this, temporary fixes to the cracks have been started . These fixes appear to be holding up at present, however more funds are needed to finish the whole park with these temporary repairs.

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