Fraserburgh Surf Skate and BMX Festival 2010

Welcome to the Broch Skate Club website.

The Broch Skate Club has been formally set up as an initiative to raise awareness and channel the community need for a Skate /BMX and Inline facility in Fraserburgh .  At present we are at a conceptual design phase where we are considering different park possibilities; we are also in the process of building the website so watch this space for updates and information on how you can support us.

This website will also contain links to various websites of interest, pics and vids of the local rippers in the area as well as information on times/dates /locations for various meetings and fundraisers over the course of our mission.

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3 Responses to Welcome

  1. Jamie says:

    photos is nice at the skate festival 🙂

  2. Yvonne says:

    Web site is brilliant thank you. Thanks also to all of the kids and members who attended and helped and to Chris, Russell and Watson for all of their efforts and input.
    Von x

  3. Malcom says:

    Worth a log into the Aberdeenshire Sports Council page on Facebook – if you can get as many people to register as possible it may well be an additional platform to launch your project – there are funds available to member clubs.

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